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Something to think on…

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Trump, it’s not gonna happen…

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I’m watching the news, doing lots of reading.  Watching this Killary and Trump thing going down.  My vote goes to Donald Trump for sure…. A look at reality tells me there’s no way these people are gonna let this man in.  He’s what’s good for America. What’s good for America isn’t what the powers that be want tho…

Sad, sad, sad what has become of us.

Good Night

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It’s time to say good night. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Laughter, heartache, war, peace. No-one ever knows how much time they have left. There may be tomorrow, but if there is. I’ll try to check in see what’s up. Time to put the little ones to bed. It’s late, I don’t know why my toddler is still awake. I’m thinking he took a late nap while I was at work. Guess that means I’m in for a long night.

Until tomorrow. God willing. Good Night.

Let’s start the day.

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It’s a sad shame when you feel like Crap, gotta go to work anyways… Now what kind of day is it gonna be when you stick your cell phone in your pocket go sit down and the house phone starts to ring. Get up, get the house phone no-one answers. Hello? Hello? No-one there. Something tells me to look at my cell. Sure enough. I’m calling home…. Lol!

Sooo…. Let’s see what today brings…

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